Raising The Stakes

At any time, a player can choose to make a ‘raise’ before rolling any d20 check. The terms of the raise are up to the player, but the GM can either accept (by saying “Roll”) or decline (“no bet”).

There are no limits on what a player can propose, but the GM always has the power to decline. If the GM thinks the odds are too much in favor of the PC (such as situation 2) the GM isn’t ready for one or both consequences (situation 4), they can call “no bet.”

Making a raise does not change anything about the original roll; calculation of target numbers and modifiers are left to the standard rules.
Raises based on strong odds can be declined; those raises should involve unequal terms before the GM accepts them (this could be the difference between the situation 5 and 6).

Raises can also be used also to bypass mechanics that feel tedious (situation 7).

Player: “I attack the goblin, raise you a decapitation frightening his buddies against me falling prone.”
GM: “Roll.”

Player: “I attack the bulette, raise you 4d6 damage against it kicking me for 2d6 damage”
GM: “No bet.” (even if the odds are normal, the bet favors the player too much).

Player: “I leap over the banister, raise you knocking out the kidnapper and the princess falling in love with me against accidentally landing on the princess.”
GM: “Roll”

Player: “I search for anything hidden in this room, raise you we find the phylactery against the lich finds us.”
GM: “Ah… tempting but no bet.”

Player “If I hit the gnoll wizard, I do an extra 2d6 or take 2d6 damage from his buddy.”
GM: “No bet.”

Player: “OK, if I hit, I deal an extra 2d6 damage to the gnoll wizard and his friends are frightened. If I miss, the 3 gnolls drag me to the ground, I’m prone and grappled and I take 2d6 damage.”
GM: Roll.

Player: “I walk up to the sorcerer and hit him with my dagger. I raise grappling him against getting knocked back 10 feet and taking 2d6 damage from cracking my head on the pillar.”
GM: “Roll.”

Raising The Stakes

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