Adventures In Eberron

Adventure Log

The Story Thus Far

A Wizard and a Psion walk into a forest…Turns out there was an extraplanar dinosaur in the forest. Go figure. Anyway, the wizard and psion free the extraplanar dinosaur from a bunch of gnolls and an evil Hound Archon (I don’t even…), then head into town to relax and brag about it. Then a blue dragon swoops in all badass-like and demands that they do a job for her. “Go get a book for me” she says. “If you don’t I’ll eat you” she says. They take the job. They find the book, bring it back, meet a silver dragon-bro who wants to destroy the book that makes people crazy, get interrupted by Blue Dragon-bitch, have an epic anime “frozen hand of doom” showdown, then save the silver dragon from falling on his head. All the Dragonmarked Houses were watching this from scrying orbs or whatever, so now the wizard, psion, and their new buddies (oh yeah, two other guys joined during the dragon thing) are the new up-and-coming adventuring talent. After saving the town AGAIN (seriously, this town is terrible at the whole “not being a target for evil shit” thing) they get targeted personally by a bunch of rogues who were running a protection racket in the guise of an adventurer’s guild.


DarshivisFeyr DarshivisFeyr

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