Character Creation

  1. Wheaton’s Law
  2. “Reasonably Normal” Humanoid races only (warforged/planetouched/dragonborn are the upper limit)
  3. Diplomacy
  4. Pathfinder Skill System
  5. Pathfinder Feat Progression (1/3/5/7… instead of 1/3/6/9…)
  6. Pathfinder Sources available on request.
  7. Ability Scores can be created with the 32 Point Buy
  8. Action Points
  9. Players Roll All The Dice
  10. Raising The Stakes
  11. Grafts

Ban List

1. Stacking Power Link Quori Shards
2. Epic Skill Uses (Raising the Stakes bypasses this ban)
3. Power Attack Multipliers Cap at 3. Further multipliers give a static +10 to damage AFTER calculations.
4. Pathfinder Metamagic (Feats/traits/etc)
5. Trigger Power feat.


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