Adventures In Eberron

Adventure Log 2: The Astral Web

After driving the “Adventurer’s Guild” protection racket out of town, the party decides to clean up the town and make it their home. Cor’ Ael makes a run for Mayor on a platform of being the one who slew the evil dragon and a promise to start an “Adventurer’s College”. During his campaign, the party is contacted by house Lyrandar (who trade by air and sea using their control of the weather) with a task. If the party ends the threat of a hazardous magical lighthouse, they will contribute to Cor’Ael’s efforts. The party assigns Brashear to handle the paperwork while they go to neutralize the lighthouse. The party finds that the beacon of the lighthouse is actually an Astral Shard in a focusing lens, projecting a web that traps all forms of travel through the Astral plane. The tower is full of extraplanar creatures who have become trapped by the web, as well as the tower’s guardians. The original owner is nowhere to be found. The party disables the Shard and Cor’Ael is considering claiming the tower as his own. A missive from House Lyrandar arrives shortly after by carrier bird, with a document stating that the house will sponsor the new College.

The party (collectively, as a single entity) receives the benefits of the Landlord feat.


DarshivisFeyr DarshivisFeyr

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